Flash Flood Alley Segements

Samples of Success Stories and Lessons Learned

Flood Design
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Scott Young
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Fran Piece
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A survivor of previous floods, Fran Pierce of Austin, Texas had luckily agreed to be bought out of the flood plain in the Onion Creek neighborhood just before a 2001 storm hit.

All things Celtic
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The business "All Things Celtic" was hard hit by the flood. They had insurance, a great landlord and plenty of volunteer help but were still devastated by the event.


Scott Young Properties (Marco Polo Furniture Building)

In a prior life, the building above was devastated byAustin's 1981 flood. It changed owners and was renovated and subsequently floodproofed a few years ago. The new owner worked closely with the City of Austin to meet more stringent floodplain building codes. The details on this floodproofing can be seen in the slideshow. On Nov. 15th, the building had three feet of water outside and less than one gallon inside. The owner commented that even though the floodproofing hadn't actually added that much more cost to the building cost, it was more than paid for in just this single event.