Flash Flood Alley Segements

"Flash Flood Alley" Chapter Summary

This 56-minute movie is broken down into 5 segments with links for major topics found throughout. Thanks to our sponsors and those brave Central Texas victims whose stories may help reduce future deaths and damage everywhere.
Introduction- 2 min Introductory montage and title sequence
Flash Flood Alley Chapter 4

This montage of flood scenes and characters sets the stage for the movie and some of the characters. The narrator states the first of many astounding facts about Texas' floods: "From 1998 to 2003, floods in Texas have taken over 100 lives displaced more than 50,000 people and cost over 7.5 billion dollars!"

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Chapter 1: - 9.2 min. The great 1998 Central Texas Storm (with victims in New Braunfels and Cuero)
Flash Flood Alley Chapter 4

As the events of the Central Texas flood of 1998 are described, we meet a handful of flood victims at the first impact area in New Braunfels and second impact area in Cuero --where residents had no warning their homes were about to be completely overtopped with water. While the 1998 storm was described as a "freak storm," Chapter One raises questions as to how unique such an event really is --meanhile the resolution of the victims to rebuild their homes is clearly evidenced.
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Chapter 2: - 10 min. Texas' (and the Guadalupe River's) Flood History -- with an intro to New Braunfel's floodplains
Flash Flood Alley Chapter 4 The section describes a dozen (of the many hundred) major floods in Texas history (with great historic photos) and the weather patterns that make Texas prone to extremely heavy rains and world record rainfall rates. These trends, and the Guadalupe River's own seething flood history, makes a dramatic backdrop for a decision that New Braunfels made in the mid-eighties to lower their floodplain some 12 feet (against FEMA's recommendations) and build hundreds of homes so close to the beautiful but occasionally violent river.
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Chapter 3: - 15 min. The 1998 Flood Revisited: Long term impacts of the flood, plus lessons learned and victim's decisions
Flash Flood Alley Chapter 4 Various subject matter experts comment as we look back into lessons learned from recent flood events in Texas. For example, the removal of a USGS gage before the 1998 flood left the lower Guadalupe quite vulnerable. We also see the longer term impacts of the 98 flood and the options and decisions our characters balance as they face rebuilding their lives. Lastly, we've included is a flood-proofing success story of a previously devastated Austin building.
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Chapter 4: - 15 min. The 2002 Central Texas Storm and repeat flood of New Braunfels
Flash Flood Alley Chapter 4

As foreshadowed by the Comal County judge, the drought of 2002 was broken by a major storm that once again took aim on the Central Texas hill country. Many thought that Canyon Dam would finally protect them (since the 1972 and 1998 floods fell just downstream of it). See the movie to find out what happens to the flood victims we have been following. You can also follow-up and see what has happened in their lives since these events.
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