Flash Flood Alley Segements

Flood Victims / Characters from the movie: "Flash Flood Alley"

The Lopez Family Cuero, Texas

The Lopez Family

The Lopez family had 6 feet of water over their home with no warning (as did their neighborhood) from a flood that started 48 hours earlier. The Lopez' live over a mile from the river, are not in the floodplain and had no flood insurance (although they enquired about it before the flood). They have been financially devasted but decided to rebuild by themselves. Adolph Lopez did most of the work and has recently lost his job of sixteen years due to poor health. Now, with mounting medical bills, the Lopez family face foreclosure on their home.
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Linda Coble New Braunfels, Texas
Linda Coble

Linda Coble has property in the perilous "flood way," where the current has great force. A house previously built there washed away in 1972. A flood washed her own house away in 1998. She had flood insurance and rebuilt on 10-feet high metal stilts. The house was not bolted to the stilts. Her house washed away again in 2002. This time her flood insurance was ten days from coming into effect. Linda lost a substantial part of her life savings. The City of New Braunfels has refused to let Linda rebuild in that location. She moved away.
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Fred Maxwell New Braunfels, Texas

fred maxwell

Fred Maxwell and his wife had their home damaged in 1998 and 2002 (but unlike the neighbors) their home was not washed away. This may well be do to the fact that Fred is a builder by trade. The Maxwells had insurance and have now built another riverfront home near the same area. This new home has an extensive foundation with concrete peers and steel I-beams intended to prevent it from washing away. It also boasts three stories and an elevator. The Maxwells are very happy to be back on the river.
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Dick and Sandy Carroll New Braunfels, Texas
Dick and Sandy Carroll

Dick and Sandy Carroll lost their riverfront home completely (down to the slab) in 1998. They worked hard within the guidellines to rebuild and lost their home completely again in 2002. They had insurance and have moved into another home in the floodplain. This one has a second story and is not in the direct path of the current like their first two. "Flood Veterans," the Carrolls have a plan for what will happen when the next flood comes.
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Susan Curtis New Braunfels, Texas
Susan Curtis

Susan Curtis and her family moved into their "dream home" a few years before the 1998 flood. Their development played a key role in New Braunfels floodplain saga in the mid-1980s but few of Susan's neighbors had flood insurance. After the 98 flood, the Curtis family rebuilt but then moved out before the 2002 flood devastated the home again. The Carrolls and Maxwells (above) live adjacent to Susan's previous home site which has now been bulldozed.
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Sharon Zambrzycki Hutto, Texas
Sharon Zambrzycki

Sharon Zambrzycki was washed away off the road in the dark by a flood coming over an unmarked bridge. She careened 300 yards downstream then hung on to a tree in strong current for more than an hour. By the time she was rescued she had only a few moments left to live. Two other motorists perished in the same incident. Brushy Creek (pictured) is 15 miles from the site of a world-record 38 inch rain in 24 hours (Thrall, Texas 1921). Two years later a creek sign was put up and the victim memorials were removed.
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